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Before you invest in your business, you want to know that it’s worthwhile. Here are the results you can expect for your business.

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This work has made noticeable impacts on lives, and it only makes sense that it will make just as much of an impact on businesses.

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Your business can create a big impact in your life, on your community, and in our world! Never miss an opportunity again to support yourself and your community. It’s a win-win!

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Breakthrough Accelerator is a business accelerator created to paint possibility for transformed leaders to be in massive contribution to the world. Through intentional investment of time, money and talent, we are transforming businesses while transforming the world. The result of our work is abundance.

Breakthrough Accelerator targets individuals and executives committed to making a positive difference in the world and to doing the ongoing personal and professional work to uncover personal roadblocks standing in the way of their success.

Breakthrough Accelerator provides mentorship and funding to support your business in breaking through to your next level of success!

Are you ready to take the leap for your business success?  Be bold. Join us.

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What is Breakthrough Accelerator?

Breakthrough Accelerator stands for Integrity, Community, and Happiness: through its innovative and human-centered approach to business, Breakthrough Accelerator is transforming the way the world does business.

This curriculum is built on 30+ combined years of experience in building successful startups, business accelerator programs, and high impact training programs, with a solid foundation in leadership transformation.

Business Transformation Workshop: Create Results in A Day!

Create Results in A DAY!

Open to all entrepreneurs and businesses at any stage!

Your business is your money maker but is it making as much as it could? In this transformative workshop, you will learn new tools to accelerate your business and generate results in just ONE DAY!

This special event is designed for businesses at ANY stage, to learn new perspectives on how to take your business to the next level and generate actual results for your business.

Two dates to choose from, to fit your schedule!

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“Business isn’t just about making money. It’s a powerful vehicle for amplifying our voice and our efforts to make a bigger impact on humanity and the world.”

Allison Chaney – CEO

Our team of trainers have been hand-selected to deliver high impact and actionable business tools and advice.

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