Breakthrough Institute Curriculum

Course Description

The Breakthrough Institute is an ongoing monthly business incubator program that meets for 2½ hours a week for 3 consecutive weeks. This program is designed to support new ideas and build a foundation for sustainable growth and impact.

You can attend the workshop on a month to month basis, and take only the courses that are relevant to your business.

Contact us to ask about special tuition rates for purchasing multiple months.

Who is the Breakthrough Institute for? This program is designed for entrepreneurs who are launching a new business, or something new at your current business. This program is a great fit for early stage businesses who are launching a new business. It’s also a great fit for businesses who are launching a new extension of their business. The launch phase of any business can be overwhelming without the right support. You’ll get mentorship and build a powerful network through this program.

What You Will Learn

Each month the Breakthrough Institute will kick off a new course around a specific topic. All workshops and meetings throughout the month will focus on the topic and an assignment given in the course to execute what you’ve learned.

Upcoming Institute topics include:

Launch Academy: Ready for Revenue?
Develop a clear growth strategy. Learn how to launch a business and build your business plan.

EQ Academy: Building Emotional Intelligence into Your Business
Learn the importance of values alignment, and how to generate positive impact to create a win-win.

Team Academy: Build A Dream Team
Build an effective and happy team who are aligned to the same vision. Learn how to build a team of leaders. Get access to powerful emotional intelligence and transformational tools for team building, culture, hiring and more!

Finance Academy: Build A Money Maker
Generate revenue, fund growth. We’ll cover all things finance, including financial modeling and forecasting, how to be profitable and improve profitability, unit economics, understanding how to get better ROI, fundamentals of statements, and taxes.

Planning Academy: Efficient + Effective Planning
Create efficient and effective processes. Learn the fundamentals of time management, planning + prioritization, how to gain insights from KPIs and milestones and use data for smart business planning.

Marketing Academy: Sales + Marketing
Create a clear plan for generating revenue. In this workshop you will generate sales, learn the fundamentals of marketing, branding, social media and digital, and you will learn how to make your first sale or your first sales milestone.