Breakthrough Accelerator Curriculum

Course Description

Breakthrough Accelerator (BA) training is a 4 month business course designed for entrepreneurs to hone their emotional intelligence skills, access investment capital, and take their business to the next level. The course will focus on everything an entrepreneur needs to know to accelerate their revenue and results, get funding for the business, and make a positive impact in the world.

The Breakthrough Accelerator is unlike any business accelerator because it focuses on experiential learning to teach key concepts of business. Entrepreneurs in our accelerator learn by doing vs. sitting through long lectures about theory. The accelerator is designed to provide opportunities for businesses to start generating results immediately.

BA teaches the tools of emotional intelligence to business. Entrepreneurs learn how to communicate effectively, build strong teams, and build foundations for thriving, joyful businesses that are making an impact on humanity and the world. The result of our work is abundance!

What You Will Learn

  • Tools and techniques for connecting with people in a way that builds trust, mutual respect, and understanding.
  • How to dive into the numbers tied to personal credit, products, pricing, and accounting.
  • Exercises intended to engage the power of enrollment to engage key stakeholders, investors and customers into your business or concept.
  • How to create meaningful results in the world and beyond the walls of your business.
  • A fully written, developed and vetted business plan.

This curriculum is designed by successful entrepreneurs to answer the following questions that you should be asking about your business:

  • What is the current or future market trend and challenges that customers are facing?
  • What does the ideal solution do? Problems it solves, capabilities it will have, description for each capability, and value derived by solving each problem.
  • What are the differences between what your company does today and what the ideal solution looks like?
  • What is the addressable market opportunity, including: total market size, potential market size, customer profiles, and solution buying patterns?
  • Who are your competitors in the market and where does your company fit in, assuming you can deliver on the promise?
  • What is the solution plan?
  • What are the potential packaging and pricing strategies for your product?
  • What does the sales model look like? Most product managers or marketers overlook this aspect but it is important to understand the sales model as your product grows from its introductory phase, through its growth phase, and all the way up to market maturing and being recognized as a brand.
  • What are the timelines for your solution and market growth, including your plan to build a product, staffing and growing a team, a customer acquisition plan, and a sales model and enablement?
  • What is the Financial Summary for the business, including revenue analysis, EBITDA (earnings before interest, tax, depreciation, and amortization), FCF (free cash flow), and NPV (net present value)?
  • How much investment capital do you need in order to grow, and how much equity are you willing to share?

Curriculum Modules

There will be 3 full weekends of training (currently all virtual) where the entrepreneurs will learn:

  • Business Planning – Understand the importance of building a business plan, the basic framework, and how this course will facilitate building a plan through experiential learning.
  • Impact Strategy + Values Alignment – Gain clarity on your vision for your business, the values that are important to you, and create meaningful results in the world and beyond the walls of your business.
  • Culture Strategy – Weave your vision into your hiring strategy, work culture and incentive plan, so that the company is in integrity with your greater vision and the culture is one that reflects contribution to the world.
  • Customer Acquisition – The entrepreneur will experience a number of exercises intended to engage the power of enrollment to engage key stakeholders, investors and customers into their business or concept.
  • Life Prioritization – Understand your vision for your business and how that vision fits perfectly into your life.
  • How to Pitch Investors – The final weekend of the training is demo weekend, where businesses will have the opportunity to meet and negotiate with and pitch potential investors. Investment funding will be awarded at the event at the close of the weekend.

The virtual modules will be taught off site using a combination of phone calls, office Zoom meetings, and office hours that can be scheduled between the entrepreneurs and BA staff. These modules will allow the entrepreneurs to build a complete business plan and be prepared to pitch investors. The virtual modules will include:

  • Business Idea Validation – Determine if you have a viable business idea or the steps needed to turn your idea into a successful business.
  • Problem and Solution – Define the problem that your business solves, and how your company addresses the solution in your own unique way.
  • Competition – Understand the competition that exists for your business, and how to use a competitive analysis to identify and leverage your competitive advantages.
  • Target Market Identification – Understand your ideal customer and the size of the market opportunity, as well as how to identify opportunities to think bigger and scale to a larger audience.
  • Marketing and Sales – Understand and build the major components of your marketing plan and how you will attract customers. Understand the difference between marketing and sales, and how they compliment each other.
  • Identification of Milestones and Metrics – Create a plan for moving your business forward both short and long term, and identify the performance metrics that you will use to measure success.
  • Operations – Gain a clear plan of the technology, equipment, and locations that your business requires to run efficiently and grow.
  • Team – Build the organization chart for your business and identify who is on your team. Identify when to hire, fire, insource and outsource for maximum efficiency as well as alignment to your overall vision.
  • Forecast – Learn how to create financial projections for your business that are realistic, attainable, and attract investors by showing that your business is a strong investment opportunity.
  • Financing – If you are seeking financing, learn how to determine how much financing is needed to achieve your milestones and success, and build a plan for how you will use the investment funding that you receive.
  • Statements – Translate your business strategy into an easy financial forecast. Make sure your business is capable of turning a profit, and set good targets so you can reliably track your progress. Build a projected profit and loss statement, a projected balance sheet, and your projected cash flow for your business.
  • Time Mastery – Learn effective systems for getting things done, and prioritizing the appropriate activities and time for each in order to maximize business and life effectiveness.
  • Money Mastery – Dive into the numbers tied to personal credit, products, pricing, and accounting, tap into your analyzer and bring the details to life in a way that inspires confidence and trust, both in your personal life and with your teams.

Program Details

This immersive experience begins on Friday at 7:00pm. In class time for Saturday will be from 11:00am to 11:00 pm.  Sunday starts by 11:00am and ends by 7:00pm to allow for travel arrangements on Sunday evening.

The tuition for Breakthrough Accelerator is $9995. A $1000 deposit is requested at the time of application to secure the applicant with a mentor. (please see FAQ page for terms of deposit) Options are also available for payment in equity in place of part of the tuition. Please contact us to learn more.

When attending the Breakthrough Accelerator training you can expect to experience independent journaling and meditation, one on one coaching, small group workshops, team exercises and movement.

Next Steps

Are you committed to creating a positive impact in the world with your business? Will you be selected for our first cohort? Apply now or schedule a call to see if your business qualifies for the program.


Time Commitment:

Weekend trainings will start on Friday 7pm and end on Sunday approximately 8pm.

Weekly training modules will be approximately 2 hours and dates will be decided on as a class.

Weekly projects will support businesses in creating a business plan and pitch deck.


Breakthrough Accelerator Class Dates:

Classes are forming. Apply now and dates will be posted soon.