The Breakthrough Accelerator team and trainers are leaders who have produced big results in their lives. We have come together and combined our experience and expertise in running business accelerators, entrepreneurship, and investing to create a program that can produce the results you want in your business and life!

The Breakthrough Accelerator Success Story

Cohort 1 graduated in February 2021 and here are their results. Together they explored new ideas and ways of generating revenue and impact, learned new tools, and broke through what was standing in the way of success and making a difference in the world.

These businesses graduated from the program with a clear vision and a solid plan to accelerate their business to the next level. Many of them also generated an infusion of investment capital to create new possibilities. Most importantly, they are doing business with higher emotional intelligence which results in better communication, improved problem solving, more effective teams, and stronger relationships with customers and colleagues.

These are our results. Together we are changing the way the world does business. Together we are creating a win-win for humanity and the earth.

Breakthrough Accelerator results

This is what our graduates and team have said this work and curriculum did for them

The Breakthrough Accelerator curriculum is based on a 30+ year curriculum and the curriculum of successful accelerators and programs conducted by BA faculty and founders.

“It was wonderful to have feedback and input from others who have done this before and can bring their expertise to me and my business.” – BA1 Graduate

“Without this program and the ongoing mentorship, I never would have known how to respond when I was approached to sell my company. But because of the program, not only did I sell my business, but I was able to create an outcome of financial stability and freedom.” – Allison Chaney

“I’ve won 100% of my investor pitches!” – Candace Sjogren