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Meet our rock star team of leaders.

Allison Chaney


Allison is one of the most experienced digital marketers in the industry, as well as an engaging trainer, dedicated coach and entrepreneur. She has been driving results for businesses and brands for over 20 years. 

Allison built Bare Knuckle Digital, a successful digital marketing agency in Cincinnati, Ohio. When the company was acquired by Red 212, a Procter and Gamble spin-off agency, she continued to manage Digital Services. During that time, Allison and her team successfully achieved B-Corp status for the agency, focusing on creating positive social impact through business. Allison later transitioned to Boot Camp Digital where she designs and delivers custom trainings, workshops, and keynote presentations. 

Allison is a recognized expert in digital marketing, contributing to leading industry sites, contributing to the book “Digital Marketing that Actually Works” and speaking to global audiences. Allison has also created internationally accredited digital marketing training programs.

Allison has worked with leading organizations including NASA, Army, Air Force, Mane N’ Tail, Dominos, UPS, Synchrony Financial (formerly GE Capital), and Porsche, as well as individuals and small businesses.

Although based in Cincinnati, OH, you’ll find Allison all over the world, helping businesses grow, in service to others, and “livin’ the dream”.

Brad Telepo

Accelerator Director

Brad started his first online retail company at the age of 22 while working construction. From bringing on his first hire at 28, Brad reached the Top 200 in Sales in the music supply and instrument industry within three years, and set industry growth records among the Top 200. He then acquired a failing retail company in 2004 and turned it around, migrating two companies for further efficiencies and economies of scale. All the while, Brad also partnered in an internet marketing company, specializing in maximizing ROI from cost per click.

Over the course of the past 20 years running his own business, Brad has conducted ongoing studies of systems and the impact on increasing time and mental bandwidth, generating marked profits growth through operational efficiencies. As a Partner at CXO Solutions, Brad specializes in co-piloting with entrepreneurs and management teams in implementing learned and best practices to greatly increase team mental and emotional bandwidth.

Brad graduated with an Accounting degree from Michigan State University, and now resides in San Diego, California.

Candace Sjogren


As the cofounder of Boston Breakthrough Academy and Managing Partner at CXO Solutions, Candace has served as Chief Strategy Officer at PlanetTogether, a leader in supply chain planning, scheduling, optimization and analytics, Dealstruck, an online lending platform that provides loans and lines of credit to small business borrowers, LoanHero, an online marketplace lender for consumer loans at the merchant point of sale, and The Health Addiction, a cutting-edge addiction recovery clinic utilizing NAD to reduce cravings for drugs and alcohol. Prior to CXO, Candace was the founder and CEO of two fin-tech companies: Bad Girl Ventures and SoMoLend, where she raised several million dollars in venture funding. 

Candace co-authored the legislation that became the JOBS Act in 2012, then chaired the Crowdfund Intermediary Regulatory Advocates, the industry advocacy group for platforms and broker dealers affected by the JOBS Act. Candace continues to serve as an investor and General Counsel for Women Investing in Women, a global NGO focused on increasing access to capital for female entrepreneurs.

Candace Sjogren received her bachelor degree in Communications and law degree from Northern Kentucky University, and lives in Boston with her husband, Andrew and son, Ivar.

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